Top of the Line All New Electric Pro-Style Karts
By Alvino Designs

Our top of the line OTL electric karts are modern, durably designed, reliable, and easy to handle. They have the latest brushless AC technology 48-volt engine with a maximum power of 12 kW, and a controller from 60 A to 400 A fed by 4 batteries of the latest generation (approved for electric competition) karts.  Its unique frame is made of 35 mm steel tubes with adequate reinforcements, FIA approved with welding certification. The disk brakes are self-ventilating and the chain drive transmission is completely covered by the body of the kart constructed in resin with a multi-axle mat for security.

The karts are calibrated to reach a speed up to 45 mph. We set up the ideal speed depending on the organization, or group for safe, competitive racing.

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